With a phone or a computer you might end up being a victim of some malwares or viruses. This therefore makes it necessary to have an anti-virus. An anti-virus is a software that works to keep viruses and malware off your devices. This can also include other electronic devices. There are very many anti-viruses in the market right now. All this are different in the level of protection they offer and how good they are. Most of them have to be renewed annually. All these have been developed by different companies because of the increase in malware and viruses in the systems. Therefore there is need for more anti-viruses and upgrades to the currents ones.

Some of the best types of anti-viruses.

Bitfinder Total Security. This is a security package made for Mac OS android and windows devices. This one has been designed to protect computer and various other devices from new and emerging malware and viruses such as ransomware.


This is a software that is owned by Symantec. This software works by examining how various functions are working and then determining whether there is malware or viruses in the systems.


One of the best anti-viruses in the market currently. This has been made for use by Mac and Windows users. It is one of the most popular antiviruses out there. This anti-virus has features such as parental control and network attack blocking which is very ideal in blocking any viruses from attacking the system.

Comondo Anti-virus for Mac

This is only for Mac owners. This comes with the ability to schedule scans hence you can be informed when there is anything wrong with the system. There is really no need for any technical knowledge so as to use it. This can be used by businesses too.

There are many other anti-viruses out there. There is definitely a need for the increase in the number of anti-viruses and the viruses and the malware are produced and introduced into the systems daily.

Pros of having anti-viruses.

Without any anti-viruses there is the risk of your devices being infected which can lead to devastating loses such as loss of data or the whole hard drive being wiped clean. With an anti-virus then you will be sure of the protection of all your data and all the information from such things. This is very important because of the large numbers of viruses and malware in the systems and in the internet that can be harmful to your devices.


When selecting the right one for your system, look for one that will cover all your needs and every single purpose you need an anti-virus for. Apart from that be sure to look for one that is also effective in keeping up with emerging viruses.