What Will you Learn With a Computer Science Degree?


A computer science degree is a degree that you can use to do many different things. From application development to information security, the possibilities are endless. Furthermore, a computer science degree is currently one of the most sought-after degrees by employers. Employers want people who can understand how to create useful programs.

Coding Languages

One of the most fundamental things you will learn with a computer science degree is coding languages. HTML, CSS, Java, and JavaScript are just a few of the many coding languages that you will probably pick up while taking computer science classes. HTML determines the structure of a website, such as where headings are located, the size of headings, where paragraphs are located, etc. You use CSS to determine the style of a website. Many pre-made CSS templates can be found on the internet, but if you’re getting a computer science degree, you’ll probably end up making some of your own. Finally, JavaScript is used for several things, including making widgets.

Coding languages are important because they are the foundation of a good computer science education. They allow you to develop games and apps and code solutions to business problems.

Computer Security Issues

Computer science students also learn about computer security issues. How do I protect my information? How do I known if my computer system has been compromised? These are just two of the many questions that a good computer science education should cover.

In addition to learning about the issues, computer science students also learn how to build firewalls, antivirus programs, etc. These are valuable skills to have, especially given the fact that so much information is compromised. Additionally, by learning how to apply information security, computer science graduates are able to apply for even more types of jobs.

Database Development

Databases are becoming increasingly important, and many computer science schools teach their students how to develop a database using SQL or versions of SQL. Employers often expect computer science graduates to come into the job with a working knowledge of database development.

Types of Assignments

There are a lot of different types of assignments that are given to computer science students. One type is where the student is given a problem and asked to code a solution. This is very representative of the real world. In the real world, employers often approach someone with a computer science background and inform them of a problem. The employer probably won’t tell the computer scientist exactly how to solve the problem, so the computer scientist will need to have good analytical skills.

Another type of assignment is where computer science students are given coding specifications for a program that they must create. For example, the coding specifications could say “Create a program that calculates interest rate from the given information.” These types of assignments are useful because they prepare computer science students for situations where they will be given specifications of what a program must do, but not be told how to develop it.